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Life: It’s Just a Conversation

Life:  It’s Just a Conversation

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All of our interactions are relationships, with the most important relationship being with ourselves.  The truth is we are who we think we are.  Every thought we have acts as cause to effect our lives in one way or the other.  As a result, experience must follow thought as surely as night follows day.  Whether we think to label a person, place or thing good or bad, we can re-examine and rethink our perception of it.  In doing so, automatic pilot is switched to off mode to allow opportunities we never imagined possible to emerge.
Our guests, Maxine Fuller and Carrie Spell-Hansson, are both seasoned educators and Conversation Coaches.  Join them as they explore some of the conversations we are using to create our lives, along with concrete strategies for changing our self-talk to improve quality of life.  Join the conversation to express your thoughts!

Listen to the thought provoking discussion here.

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