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Loosing Fear

Loosing Fear

I left fear at the gate
And released perceptions designed to stagnate
Whether fear be my own or other’s insecurities
They do not hold power to rob the best of me

I left fear at the gate
And told procrastination IT must wait
For procrastination is the mask of fear of success
That halts budding blossoms from flowering to their best

I left fear at the gate
Love swelled that obliterated all form of hate
For hate is the mask of fear blocking compassion that would have us hear
The call to love that holds each being dear

I left fear at the gate
To enter into the timeless state
Where ancestors joined with silent words to emancipate
And a reminder to “be here now – yes stop to meditate”

I left fear at the gate
Where stillness spoke volumes to elevate
Bold spirits traveling through time and space
Destinies intermingled and dimensions overlapped in this sacred place
To lift each spirit as aligned by fate

I left fear at the gate
To enter a portal where destiny awaits
With the kindness of invitations to participate
And share with others to help educate

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