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Meditate to Transcend (imagined) Limitations

Meditate to Transcend (imagined) Limitations

Many believe that the mind is divided into three parts: the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the super conscious. Our conscious mind is usually cluttered with distractions and noise, our sub-conscious holds suppressed past experiences, fears, and (imagined) limitations, but the super conscious is where our perfection and mastery reside.
Think back to a time in your life where everything “clicked”, and you could do no wrong. It may have been for only a few minutes, but for that brief time you were invincible. Maybe you were shooting hoops, and you just couldn’t miss. You felt so “on”, you knew that every shot would be a “swish”… and it was. Possibly you were playing tennis, and you felt as though you could return every shot… and you did. Perhaps you were painting, and you felt like no stroke from your brush could be wrong… and the canvas turned out to be beautiful. Whether you were dancing, playing a musical instrument, programming a computer, or public speaking, I imagine that at some time in your life, you have experienced such a transcendence of your regular limitations. This state is known as “superconsciousness”. If you have been to this space before, you would do anything to get there again. Unfortunately, therein lays the problem. When we try to analyze and pressure ourselves to reclaim “superconsciousness”, we almost certainly fail.
One way of attaining super consciousness is through meditation. Meditation is the path to true self-awareness. Through meditation we can escape from the limitations that our conscious and sub-conscious mind subject us to.

Consider the following advice: “Do not fear mistakes, there are none” – Miles Davis

Repost from Mark Altman at www.soundsleeping(dot)com. He offers free, relaxing music, and info on transcending limitations through meditation on his site.

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  1. e.j. Williams /

    WOW! It’s true we really would like to get back to that space, that wonderful feeling, at will. I would like to offer this fact, this year is a very POWERFUL YEAR because it is designated as an “11″ year (because 11 is known as a power number & since we mostly use the last two numbers of the current year)and NOW is probably one of the best times EVER to meditate, concentrate and focus our energies on whatever it is we want to manifest. If we can get into this “superconscious” state, coupled with the energy of this 11 year, I believe any and every thing will happen!

  2. As you think, so it is!