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Mental Transformation

Mental Transformation

Try to not think.  The harder you try the more difficult it is.  Thoughts literally create our reality, as what we think determines what aspects of the kaleidoscope of life show up for us to experience.  All possibilities are there, yet what we recognize as our personal reality is based on the myriad of factors that make up our unique life experience.   Scientist have proven that this is true; so why don’t we spend more time actively focusing on what we are thinking?  Instead of thinking about what we don’t want (negative thoughts), we can shift our thoughts, energy, and focus on what we do want (positive thoughts).

Negative thoughts are simply those that negate what it is we say we want in life.  Everything we want falls under the categories of love or abundance.  A great relationship, successful career, car, travel, health and well being are fall into the kaleidoscope of love and abundance.  Negative thoughts are our own resistance love and abundance. This resistance causes us to miss out on a better experience.  Negative thoughts come from a place of lack or limitation, which is ultimately caused by a fear of not being able to get what we say we want in life.

What is positive thinking?   Well it’s not fooling yourself to believe something that you are experiencing as bad is good (though it could be beneficial later).  Positive thinking starts with knowing that we need not believe everything we think!  A thought is a MOMENTARY assessment of internal feelings and our external environment based on one’s current state of  mental balance and past life experience. Thoughts are like passing trains; only leap on to the ones that are taking you in the direction you want to go.  First decide where you want to go.  Then, entertain the matching thought.  Using the train analogy further, when there is only one train (of thought) on the route that you traveling, you must ride it until you reach a transfer point.  This means expecting and knowing that there will be a transfer point.

Recognizing that we live in a world that is always coming at us with stimuli designed to influence our thinking and behavior is the first step towards having the ability to make your own decisions. Taking control of your mind by monitoring your thoughts is the second.  These steps bring about mental transformation:

Spend more time examining what you think

As we get older we’ve hard wired a lot of auto pilot habits including knee jerk emotions, and responses.  It’s the body’s means of shortcoming solutions – good habits help us evolve and bad habits help us devolve (meaner energy is lowered).  While a survival habit protected us at one time, it becomes a limiting action when that stressor is no longer there.  Beliefs are meant to be changed as we become more knowledgeable.
Train your mind

Focus on the thoughts that get you to happiness.  Thoughts attract like things and manifestation in our world.  It’s divine law that LIKE attract (versus unalike).  Everything in this universe occurs out of eternal probability.  Our thoughts attract the probability that matches the signature vibration of an emotion or feeling.  That is why we have to feel our way to balanced energy versus just doing.   Thoughts aligned with Source Energy are pure knowledge.  That’s where power lies.
As we age we accumulate life’s traumas, disappointments, and if that’s been the majority of our experience or our energy attraction point, then life may not be much fun.
Use tools to tap into the vibration:  singing bowls, yoga/tai chi, meditation, dance, art, musical instruments (including the voice), talk therapy, herbs – all timeless endeavors because of the energy they bestow on us.

Go with the natural rhythm of your energy flow

All universal energy has ebb & flow.  Don’t try to do your life’s equivalent of rocket science when you are in an ebb (or rest stage).   Honor your temple, and the rhythm of Nature of which we are part.  In fact, spend more time in natural environments.    Feeling out of tune … vibration is off.
Feelings not things or people, lead to well being and happiness.  Trying to change what is, is like moving around the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.  We are energetic beings, our lives reflect our ability to harness the energy that we were created with that gives us dominion over all things.

Lack of exercise leads to weak bodies, achy joints and lack of movement or energy flow leads to a weak mind.  It’s hard to feel good when you feel weak or are in pain.  Tell your body.

Our society neither focuses on well being, nor curing imbalance. Rather it highlights distress (look at the “news”), and offers temporary band aids for all forms of imbalance (think pharmaceutical industry). It takes personal focus to maintain a bright out look despite what may show up in our world. The key to maintaining this bright perspective is holding the expectation of well being. It’s looking around the bend expecting a higher and higher point on the emotional scale of well being. We can’t jump from depression to joy; yet happiness is just around the bend. Happiness is a personal journey.

This moment is your life, don’t run away from it.  Reach for the highest thought in any occurrence, that thought will build your future.   Think & Feel positive and positive things must  happen!  It’s divine Law.  Think About It (a lot)!

Darlene Nazaire, Author, Radio Show Host and Mental Health Advocate

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