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New Year … New You, knowing “You Are Enough”

New Year … New You, knowing “You Are Enough”

Often we look outside of ourselves to get to a better place.  Yet all good that we desire is here today, always present.  It is not apart from us.  Therefore a thing (better relationship, wealth or abundance, etc.) coming to you does not require time. IT IS NOW! TODAY!  Rev. Dr. Dee Adio Moses shares  insight from her new book “You Are Enough” that will give you the tools to jump start your new year into prosperity. 

Here is an excerpt from “YOU ARE ENOUGH”:

“There is no absence of life, substance, or intelligence anywhere.  Every soul is not only the inlet, but may become the outlet of all here is in God. You can only be the inlet and the outlet by consciously keeping youself in open communication with God (in His Many Names) without the intervention of any other person between Him and You.  You have His direct telephone number; you do not need to go through any secretary or assistant.”

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