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One Women’s Journey to Overcome a Chronic Illness, Naturally

One Women’s Journey to Overcome a Chronic Illness, Naturally

Mercedes Hawkins (Beato), also called Waliya has a Caribbean background. This means she grew up in a time and place where medicines and remedies were as natural as the trees they grew on.

Coming to an industrialized nation, the US, changed everything as it does for most people.  However, after being diagnosed with kidney disease several years ago,  Mercedes reached back to the old fashioned ways and found that natural remedies are not only more cost effective, but they typically have no side effects.

When your kidneys fail and you have a stroke it takes more than a diet change to remedy it,” says Mercedes. She discovered that in her case,  kidney disease was reversible and after finding conventional treatment to be too expensive, she searched her roots to find out how her ancestors dealt with this condition and found that natural remedies can work without the side effects of drugs.

Mercedes decided to share her experience in her book entitled “How I Avoided Dialysis, and You Can Too.” She wanted to ensure the book was easy to read and affordable for everyone, including senior citizens. Join us as we talk with Mercedes about her experience with herbal remedies.

Mercedes is a spoken word artist who has performed in notable venues throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area and has collaborated with journalists, radio personalities, actors and musicians. Mercedes also received an honorable mention at the Cotton Club for a song she wrote entitled “Times Are Trying/It’s Never Too Late” and has completed a soon to be released novel.

You can find additional information about here book here.  

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