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Our most important relationship

Our most important relationship

The idea of a near perfect relationship sets us on the quest to experience it for our self.  When we hear the word relationship, we often think of it as a relationship with a significant other, someone or something external to our being.  Yet, the most important relationship we can have is a healthy relationship with self.  How do you honor your relationship with yourself; and how do you think that extends to others?

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  1. It is very necessary for each of us individually to understand the nature and range of our potential gift, The Mind.Only then can we acknowledge, accept, and embrace our relationship with multiverses and Creator.

    Inwardly our relationship with self is a extended link to relationship with our spirit.To master our relationship to self is universal one soul to another.
    Honoring others is a high respect also connected to self.

    Meditation oneness brings me joy in my relationship to self.

  2. As the saying goes: If you are not loving you, how can any body else? When we honor who we are as an extension of Source Energy or the All, we can’t help but love our selves. All IS good! Every other role that we take on in this life, is just that – a role. We get caught up in the drama and forget.

  3. Sometimes it’s difficult to do for self, when you get bogged down by life. But I have found that when I am in a happy place, my relationships are good.

  4. I honor my relationship with myself by not beating myself up for past mistakes. There are some things I’m not proud of that I did when I wasn’t loving myself. In loving myself now, I can release the guilt, and I can concentrate on living life differently now, and others can see and feel the change.