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Plan & Manage Money, Part 2

Plan & Manage Money, Part 2

If you’ve been tuning in to the Financial Literacy Education webinars, you’ve experienced the  lesson on Planning and Managing Money, now it’s time for hands-on practice!

We believe financial literacy education is fundamental to success for all individuals.  And young ladies, since you will be managing a household, it’s especially important for you.   This money management course has been made available to you free of charge with experts from the financial and academic world supporting YOUR financial awareness and growth. In December, you received the instruction for planning and managing your money  Over two thousand people tuned in to the program.  Now it’s time to build the plan. Planning worksheets were made available from Financial Advisor, Jessica Ballew and SIS during the Plan and Manage Money Webinar, Part 1.  You can find the material on the FLEP site.  Fill in the worksheets and call in with questions and to get answers on how to make your plan work.  No matter what your financial status, actively managing a plan will enhance your financial well being.  Remember, where your energy goes, your money also flows. Develop your plan and work it to get to a financially empowered you!
Financial Advisor, Jessica Ballew, is passionate around helping others build a sound financial future, and incorporates financial literacy into her not for profit J.E.S.S.I.C.A Cares, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of at risk teenage girls. To find out more about Jessica and J.E.S.S.I.C.A Cares click here.  

If you have advise or want to participate in the program, let us know here!

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