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Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally

Preventing Breast Cancer Naturally

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of this dis-ease impacting so many women (and men), let’s de-escalate the war on breast cancer and move more towards the peaceful approach – Natural Prevention.

Dr. Mercola shares the connection between cancer and diet, lifestyle, emotions and … herbs in this excerpt from her interview with Dr. Christine Horner:

…Dr. Horner began reviewing the medical literature in search of clues that might reveal an answer to the dramatic increase in breast cancer, now appearing in women at an increasingly younger age. What she discovered was thousands of studies that show exactly why we have a cancer epidemic—factors that contribute to it, and factors that are highly protective.

“And they were all natural,” she says. “It’s food, supplements, herbs, diet, and lifestyle. …I’m board certified in general surgery and plastic surgery… there’s 11 years of training in there. I didn’t have a single course in nutrition. I learned nothing about health – nothing. All I learned was how to suppress symptoms with pharmaceutical medications or cut it out. It wasn’t until I discovered that there was such an association with diet, herbs, lifestyle, and emotions too, that I thought, okay, these are the real secrets to health.”

As a result of her research, she got trained in Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine from India. “Ayur” means life and “veda” means knowledge, so it literally means “the knowledge of life”; wisdom that, if followed, can bring you into balance and enhance your body’s innate self-healing intelligence.

The truth is, there are many simple strategies that can drastically reduce your chances of developing cancer, or any other chronic disease for that matter; strategies that do not involve harmful side effects.

“I decided to quit my practice and dedicate myself to teaching people about what they can do – the simple things that they can do – that can have a dramatic impact on their life,” she says.

“With all my research in the area of breast cancer, I thought the first thing I’m going to do is write a book on all the natural approaches to protecting against and fighting breast cancer because, definitely, we have the information to end the breast cancer epidemic. No question about it.”

It’s worth mentioning that the same strategies apply for other types of cancer as well. Prostate and colon cancer tumors, for example, are similar to breast cancer tumors, as certain hormones cause them all to grow. Hence, protective strategies that are effective against breast cancer also work on these other types of cancer. Cancer prevention strategies will also virtually eliminate most other chronic disorders.

Her dedication, research, and ultimate findings led to her writing the book, Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer, which contains research-proven all-natural approaches for protecting against and treating breast cancer.

Most Natural Prevention Strategies Cut Your Risk in Half

What’s most important, however, is Dr. Horner’s discovery that most of the lifestyle strategies that have been scientifically tested have the ability to cut your risk of cancer by about 50 percent; sometimes more. And yet virtually no one in conventional medicine talks about and shares such findings with their patients. Why? For example, turmeric can slash your risk by about half, while optimizing your vitamin D levels has been shown to cut breast cancer incidence by 77 percent1 in four years!

Of course, other lifestyle factors are also important in preventing cancer, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and managing stress. However, vitamin D’s critical importance seems to grow with every emerging study. Carole Baggerly, founder director of GrassrootsHealth—an organization dedicated to increasing awareness about vitamin D and the crucial role it plays in health—believes that as much as 90 percent of ordinary breast cancer is related to vitamin D deficiency, which is 100 percent preventable!

Despite its name, vitamin D is actually a powerful neuro-regulatory steroid with epigenetic influence over more than 2,000 genes in your body. That’s about 10 percent of all your genes. There are more than 830 peer reviewed scientific studies showing vitamin D’s effectiveness in the treatment of cancer, and personally, I believe it is virtually malpractice to not optimize vitamin D levels when treating someone with cancer. In this case, your vitamin D levels should be around 70-100 ng/ml. For more information about optimizing your vitamin D levels, please see my previous article Test Values and Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency.

Now, if making just ONE beneficial change can halve your risk, or more… imagine what can happen if you address several lifestyle factors known to have an effect.“It becomes incredibly simple to dramatically lower your risk of developing this disease,” Dr. Horner says. “And then it takes the fear away. We don’t have to be so afraid of this horrible disease… we do have tremendous power in dramatically lowering our risk.”

Most importantly, Dr. Horner discovered that there are a number of healthy habits we’ve stopped doing in our modern culture that are highly protective against cancer. We’ve dramatically altered our diets—shunning our native, whole-foods cuisine for highly processed fare—and engage in very little physical activity, for example. We’ve also been told to fear the sun and slather our children in toxic sunscreens instead of reaping the tremendously protective benefits of vitamin D production that appropriate sun exposure brings. Fortunately, these factors are entirely within your personal control…

We can prevent breast cancer, naturally.

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