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Refreshing and Safe

Refreshing and Safe

We use air fresheners to make our environment more enjoyable.  Yet, did you know that most air fresheners tested in a study contain propylene glycol, limonene, methyl pyrrolidone, butylphenyl methylpropional, ethyl acetate and benzaldehyde?  These are all known toxins that adversely affect the body.  Yet, for today let’s just talk about phthalates are a type of industrial compound used in just about everything from medical equipment to cosmetics, lubricants and fragrances.  Even low levels of phalates have been found toxic to humans, yet there is still debate about regulation and public health protection. Phthalates can be dangerous for young children and unborn babies because of their ability to disrupt hormones. Long-term exposure to these chemicals can affect hormone levels. They can also cause birth defects. 

The oily substance in perfumes is phthalate based.  The use of phthalates in our society is prevalent, that they are hard to avoid.  Yet the air freshener in your home doesn’t have to a source of this toxin.  You can create your own air freshener using a few simple ingredients: distilled water, baking soda and an essential oil.  First, pour a tablespoon of baking soda in a dish and add  two to three drops of essential oil.  Next pour the mixture in a clean spray bottle and fill it to the top with water.  Shake, and you are ready to freshen the air, shoes, carpet, etc.  Your body will thank you.

Let us know your recipe for your homemade air freshener. 

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