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Release unwealthy habits … harness the power of your purse!

Release unwealthy habits … harness the power of your purse!

Tired of living an unwealthy life, and want to be financially independent?  Everybody says they want financial well being and the security that it brings.  Yet, most of us are either too uniformed, or think we are too busy to ensure that we are laying the foundation for financial prosperity.  This is why SIS has developed its Money and Matter Series.  On January 27, 2011, Wealth Coach Deborah Owens will join the Internet Radio show to discuss 7 Steps to acquire and enhance a wealthy: outlook, appetite, vision, mindset, legacy, system, and focus. Take the purse test.  Your purse-onality will tell a lot about the state of your finances.  Deborah will guide you through a purse enhancing strategies.  Check out her book:  A Purse of Your Own, An Easy Guide to Financial Security.

Here’s a tip from the book:  “Wealthy Habit 3: A Wealthy Appetite. Hunger from the purse standpoint is an interior drive for something that remains with you an affects the way you see your environment.  When you crave wealth, you don’t ever get too busy to pursue it. A Wealthy Appetite can help us stay motivated and continue looking for opportunities.”

What wealthy habits do you practice? or What unwealthy habits do you want to release? Would having a network help?  Blog about it here!

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  1. I love that Deborah gets this topic and share it so well that anyone could understand. And from the spiritual level, she tells us that “When you value something and apporach it with integrity, the universe will conspire to help you.”