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Editorial – Releasing Fear

Editorial – Releasing Fear

Oct 13, 2017

Never trust your fears; they don’t acknowledge Who you are or Whose you are in Divine’s Eye.

There’s no bigger thing to release than our agreement to be fearful in this world of duality.

Fear, like any emotion, is meant to be moved through versus embraced as a constant state of being.

Unlike danger (which is a real threat that must be reacted to immediately), fear is a by product of perception.  For example, a loose dog happily trotting down the street may make a dog lover smile; yet can be experienced as a life threatening experience to someone else.

Fortunately, we can examine our fears to determine if they serve us purposefully.  Then release those perceptions that are simply holding us back from living our best lives.  Where there is purpose, we can still move through the emotion by aligning with the truth of who we are in the Eye of the Divine.

Once we become fearless, other’s inability to see our worth cannot depreciate our personal experience and value.  Fear does not decide our future.  As the Authority or Lord of our world, Life becomes limitless.

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