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Retreat – A Vital Journey of Self Love

Retreat – A Vital Journey of Self Love
If you have any question about the necessity of using time and space to retreat from a busy or chaotic life, take a look at the definition of the word retreat to see what is occurring:
Re-treat  verb:  withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or
noun: an act of going back or away (especially from something dangerous, difficult, or disagreeable)
The lives most of us live are full of distractions and “enemy” forces. This includes the constant media push of marketing information that says we are never enough, long workdays that don’t allow us to focus on our unique selves, and the onslaught of electronic waves that disrupt our natural body frequencies. In Truth, we have the potential for unlimited growth, limitless compassion and wisdom, and abundance beyond our dreams.  Yet, we can never come close to this state when we live in an environment made to reinforce chaos.
The more removed from nature we are, the greater the distraction.
Retreats are purposeful getaways from the forces that attempt to program and dominate our being to allow us to return to a state of balance. Unlike a vacation, where we are seeking outward experiences a retreat provides us with an inward healing experience.  In this space, removed from familiar surroundings, circumstances and routine, our creative self is free to emerge.  We think of solutions, forge new directions and return home refreshed, and on a higher trajectory.  Retreat for self love.
Our guest, Satya, is a healer and entrepreneur who created Women of Color Healing Retreats.   Staya’s mission is to help others spiritually blossom. For info about Satya and WOCHR go to  Join the show to find out more about the value in retreat, and how Satya combines entrepreneurship, giving back, and spirituality.


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