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Editorial – Self Consciousness

Editorial – Self Consciousness

Oct 13, 2017

Our April theme is “At my best, I harness universal consciousness.” Who we truly are, All, harnesses every aspect internal and external to our current identity. We are at our best when we embrace the now – with no resistance to or preference for what appears to our five senses – because we become attached to no thing.

In the harnessing of universal consciousness is joy and all forms of abundance! It’s a release from the duality that says there must be positive and negative, love or hate and all other poles or forms of opposition.  If we want wealth, there has to be poverty at the other end of the spectrum.  Even if we are personally wealthy, why would we desire to see poverty experienced by another aspect of self?  It’s only in believing that we are not all connected as All in universal consciousness.

We do this through intent to align with Source Energy, which inevitably leads to the best self or highest vibration available to us in the moment of now.

In Love & Light, Your SIS

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