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Self Love 30 Day Challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge

madly_love-yourselfAs we travel through seemingly individual adventures in time and space in the pursuit of happiness, we want to stress that Self Love is the Best Love and all other Love emanates from Self Love. When we focus on loving ourselves and being our own best friend, we find that life is easier and brighter. We find inspiration, happiness, joy, peace, satisfaction … all those things that make us vibe higher!

We challenge you to just a month of self love. Take the pledge for the month of September by stating: “I commit to do my best to do something loving for myself – big or small, for the next 30 days.” Let’s do it together.

Post here let us know how your are doing with the Challenge.

As our Guest, Dr. Shea, stated on the Self Love is the Best Love program, we can add not complaining to the list of things that we can do to earn our own self respect and love. We can do the things that we want others to do for us, and filter to see the goodness in all, while focusing on the positive. Listen to the uplifting show here.

Love every bit of yourself! Blog about the 30 day Journey through September Loving Yourself here!

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  1. On Day 5 we are doing much more than just staying alive! We are Loving Ourselves!

    Quote of the Day: “Be somebody that you’d want to be around!”


  2. Day 6 – Are you in the mix?
    “Fill your own well with Live So that others may drink from it!” Randi

  3. Week 1 of the 30 Day Self Love Challenge is done! Let’s keep the momentum going by staying in right thinking. To help, do something differently to get out of the routine … start the day differently or rearrange things. This breaks us out of automatic pilot and helps shift the energy to Self Love. We have 22 more days to build on this foundation and benefit from the focused energy of everyone participating.

  4. Day 8 of the Loving Yourself Challenge – Being good at anything is easy. Being Awesome takes practice. 22 more days of practice to go. Love Yourself!

  5. Day 9 and all is fine! Look at the world through the lens of Self Love today! All is fine, because when you allow your light to shine you are a light unto the world!

  6. Day 10 – we are at it again, because self love should never end!

    Quote of the Day: It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your HAPPINESS a priority. It’s NECESSARY! M. Hale

  7. It’s Day 20 – All In? It’s easy to be loving and kind to our selves when we first wake up in the morning. Then at the end of the day, when we may have accomplished less than our goals are we still willing to give ourselves understanding and compassion? Love Yourself All Ways.

  8. Day 21 of the Self Love Challenge – it’s 3 weeks and we are just a few days short of the 30 days needed to develop a habit.

    Salute Yourself! Touch your heart and feel the self love. That’s the greatest pledge of allegiance

  9. Hand over heart – I love myself!

  10. Day 22 of the Self Love Challenge. How is your practice going? Just an observation – no self judgement. If you have been practicing with us to enhance your self love experience, you can feel the program of change running in the background, stimulating you to BE the love and allow its expression through you to the universe.

    May the glow of love be with you!

  11. Day 23 – How are you feeling?! Miraculous is our wish for you this day. Write your story for the day with self love!!

  12. Day 24 of the Self Love Challenge. It’s become clear: when love flows freely, we expand our thinking and beliefs. When we bash ourselves, we contract and shut down.

    Think of the feeling of being in love with another and imagine feeling that way about yourself. No one deserves your love more. Just think, only you have the true power to make yourself feel that way.

  13. Day 26 of the Self Love Challenge – Decide to do things on your own terms. It’s the best way to be your authentic self!

  14. Day 30 – we did it! Focus on Self Love helps us find our higher Self over & over. The journey continues each day. May Self Love Be With You!

    We end the challenge with GRATITUDE. Yes we were courageous. And Yes, LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER!

    What unloving habits did your break down? What obstacles did you face? Share your story so that others may know that they are not alone!

  15. Let’s use the energy to create something new and wonderful in our lives!