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Self Love 30 Day Challenge

Self Love 30 Day Challenge

madly_love-yourselfAs we travel through seemingly individual adventures in time and space in the pursuit of happiness, we want to stress that Self Love is the Best Love and all other Love emanates from Self Love. When we focus on loving ourselves and being our own best friend, we find that life is easier and brighter. We find inspiration, happiness, joy, peace, satisfaction … all those things that make us vibe higher!

We challenge you to just a month of self love. Take the pledge for the month of September by stating: “I commit to do my best to do something loving for myself – big or small, for the next 30 days.” Let’s do it together.

Post here let us know how your are doing with the Challenge.

As our Guest, Dr. Shea, stated on the Self Love is the Best Love program, we can add not complaining to the list of things that we can do to earn our own self respect and love. We can do the things that we want others to do for us, and filter to see the goodness in all, while focusing on the positive. Listen to the uplifting show here.

Love every bit of yourself! Blog about the 30 day Journey through September Loving Yourself here!

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