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Self Love thru Words

Self Love thru Words

Red LoveIn the beginning was the Word; all things experienced start with thought expressed by words. There is no more powerful reason to speak kindly to ourselves! Yes, loving oneself includes examining (and often redetermining) how we speak to ourselves. Rarely are we ever more critical of others than we are of ourselves. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words – negative words (especially when spoken to ourselves) will harm us where they touch the heart. Anything that touches the heart has the power to build or destroy. We can never know how far and deep our words reverberate through time and space into the heart and mind; so let’s speak with self love and care.

We can look at rephrasing often used expressions to make them self loving. Here are some examples that move us from uninspired to inspired!

Good Grief …….. Good Grace
Damn or Darn it …. Bless this
This is the pits … This is an opportunity to _____
I hate …………. _____ is not my preference
I can’t ………… I am building towards ______

Let’s delve into the “I can’t” example further. Placing limitations on ourselves indicates lack, with a need for encouragement and nurturing. Inspire yourself forward with “I am building towards” or “I am not yet able”. When used in regards to something that we desire, this restructuring indicates the truth of what you may accomplish by tapping into pure potential – a positive state of being.

When we focus on loving ourselves and being our own best friend, we find that life is easier and brighter. We find inspiration, happiness, joy, peace, satisfaction … all those things that make us vibe higher!

Raiysa Nazaire

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