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Sexual Healing – treating what ails you “down there”

Sexual Healing – treating what ails you “down there”

Susun Weed, best selling author and esteemed reproductive health expert, believes that healthy organisms need healthy orgasms for optimal health.  She helps women and men to reclaim the pleasure in their pelvis.  Her step-by-step approach to healing produces fewer side effects than traditional Western medicines and uses aggressive options only as the need arises.  The first four steps build health and reverse disease processes.  You should engage in them daily. 

Step 0. Do Nothing

Before you do anything, sleep, meditate, unplug your electronics, and get in touch with what your body is trying to tell you.

Step 1. Collect Information

Talk to others, read up on your symptoms, listen to your dreams, and consult support groups.  Seek out “low-tech diagnosis,” such as Chinese Pulse Medicine.

Step 2. Engage the Energy

Prayer, homeopathic remedies, visualization, ritual, laughter, Reiki and placebos are a few of the many ways to use the mind to heal.

Step 3. Nourish and Tonify

Nourishing herbal infusions, healing foods, dance, yoga, tai chi, walking, moxibuston (the burning of Artemisia) and tonic herbs can nourish and strengthen organs and systems so you body can use its own healing resources to fend off illness.

Steps 4 through 7 represent traditional medicine and though they may  be fast acting, may have side effects.  These are: Stimulate and Sedate, Use Drugs, and Break and Enter (surgery, MRIs, xrays, etc.)

There is a wide range of effective herbal, homeopathic and energy medicines to try before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgery for maintanence of the health of your sexual organs.  How do you treat what ails you down there?  Blog about it here.

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