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Sheltered Within

Sheltered Within

Sheltering in can help us realize that we are not what we have, or what we do. We can release ourselves from the prison of comparison because this virus is a great equalizer.

The personal realities (personalities) that we have created over time in response to life’s circumstances have a space to be put on pause. In this forced sabbatical, many of us have been able to slow down enough to think about what and who is really important.

On the other hand, slowing down brings us face to face with shadow selves whom we have been to busy to shine a light on to expose. These are the armors that we have layered on to avoid recurrence of past trauma. The ones we neglected to take off when they no longer served us, or came along for this life experience as past karma.

Don’t be surprised that all your buttons are being pushed now. Watch what triggers; therein lies the baggage that needs to be lost and go unclaimed. Therein lies our personal glass ceiling, which only we can shatter through introspection and conscious evolution.

It makes sense that TV and internet use are on the rise. We can use technology wisely. It’s a great time to learn something new. Alcohol and other addictions are also on the rise, taking us away from self awareness and a very valuable chance for growth.

There’s really no place to run, except within.

There is no better place of shelter than sheltered within with awareness of our greatness. It will open the door of purpose filled possibilities. If we allow it.

Be empowered. Be wonderful. Be uniquely you.

Raiysa Nazaire, Think & Be We

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