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SIS Book Club: Leaping Over the Hurdles of Life

SIS Book Club:  Leaping Over the Hurdles of Life

This fascinating book on the trials and tribulations of the life of Khaliyq (Ka-leek) Nazaire will take you along for a journey of compassion. Khaliyq is not your average young adult. His mix of genius and struggle with mental distress leads him on an intriguing journey of self-discovery and self-destruction. No hurdle is too high to contemplate jumping, no accomplishment thought out of reach.

Khaliyq plunges deeply into creating the life of his desire. He has a promising career with a path toward entrepreneurship, degrees from a prominent college and university, women who love him, worldwide vacation destinies, techy toys, and a house in the suburbs. Khaliyq’s life is a mirror in extremes, exemplified by his unique childhood in an Islamic commune in Brooklyn, NY, to the prestigious Morehouse College and then St. John’s University, to one of the big four accounting firms on Wall Street. A leader by nature and example, helper and inspiration to many, made sure that giving back was an inherent part of his lifestyle. But all of that is not enough, and he sets his hurdles precipitously higher and higher.

This book will show you that everyone struggles with something, and being our brother’s keeper is the best thing we can do to help each other hold fast on our way. Leaping the Hurdles of Life, A Tiger’s Story is for everyone as we struggle on the path of life, desire to live a life of joy, and is a reminder that no one can do it alone.

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