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SIS Book Club Pick

SIS Book Club Pick

Our current read is “A Happy Pocket full of MONEY, Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now, by David Cameron Gikandi.  We’ll host the discussion on  June 13th  at  8:00 PM Eastern on SIS Empowerment Radio and Zoom.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Money is a symbol of wealth and the beginning of the experience of wealth, so that we may know what wealth tastes like experientially.  Money has two primary uses: it allows us to exchange out gift, and it allows us to experience wealth.  Through this experience, we are able to increase our wealth consciousness and live it even more.  Wealth consciousness begets wealth and money, which begets wealth consciousness, and the cycle goes on.  It is a full circle, a fully cycle.  Let us spend some time on money.”

The book is available on Amazon:

Older SIS Book Club members should have the book, we are now cycling forward to the discussion that was previously put off.

Using time to read books that are transformational!  SIS BOOK CLUB




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