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SIS Book Club Pick: Life Visioning, Michael B. Beckwith

SIS Book Club Pick:  Life Visioning, Michael B. Beckwith

How is your read coming along? Life as we experience it, is the divine idea of thinking mind. Visioning helps us determine what shows up in our apparent reality. This book provides us with life enhancing techniques, providing another tool to add to our tool kit. Have you been experimenting with Life Visioning? Share your experiences with the book by blogging about it here.

Michael B. Beckworth, founder of the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership, and an international speaker and teacher of meditation, invites us to tune in to the Eternal Being to stimulate our spiritual evolution. Through his book, “Life Visioning, A Four Stage Evolutionary Journey to Live as Divine Love”"Michael Beckwith informs us of four stages along the path of evolution: Stage One, Victim Consciousness; Stage Two, the Manifester; Stage Three, Channel; and Stage Four—Being Consciousness.

Continue the Book Club Journey as we read to explore, empower, and to foster our personal evolutional journeys toward’s empowerment.

Get it at your local bookstore – audio book CD and hard copy available.

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