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SIS Book Club Read – Sacred Woman

SIS Book Club Read – Sacred Woman

Sister Selves, the current SIS Book Club read is Sacred Woman by Queen Afua. It’s time to balance with our wombs. The womb, the center of our creativity, should also hold a place of honor in our lives. The womb is the holder of our emotions. The state of our womb is a reflection of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. As Queen Afua states “we have collectively reached a state of negative womb power”… which in turn leads to the conflict on the planet.

The state of our womb reflects upon the state of the world. Let’s tune in for personal and planetary balance.
The SIS Book Club share will be as follows:

Chapters 1-4 – group share (128 pages).  I’ll take chapter 8. Please respond in the SIS forum to advise what chapter you will take from 8-14, and to share your thoughts, exercise results or aha moments.

May the womb healing continue!  Haven’t gotten the book yet?  Get it on Amazon.

When you are finished, please review the book on the SIS Book Club page.

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