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Jump Start Your Financial Future- Be a Frugal Feminista

Jump Start Your Financial Future- Be a Frugal Feminista
Earlier in the month, many of us made resolutions to better manage our finances. Fast forward just a few weeks, how are you doing?  Have you stayed focused?  Or are you feeling resistance to carrying out the very plans that you set for yourself?  If it’s the latter, a little financial direction and inspiration is in order.Since money represents energy, the lack or presence of an abundance of it comes from our sense of well being around the very thought of money.  A lack would reflect that we can’t get monetary energy momentum going.  And since it is an abundant universe, it is we who are blocking our own blessings.  We just need to figure out how we are doing it.  Our special guest, Kara Stevens is here to help and share tips on how to stop self sabotage, assess financial health, and manage finances to ensure a positive outcome by the end of the year.
Kara is dedicated to empowering others to thrive financially in both life and business.  Her motto is: “Be Happy.  Be Wealthy.  Be Brave.”  To find out more about Kara Stevens, check out her website The Frugal Feminista, and join the discussion to jump start your financial future.
How to Participate:Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 8:00 p.m. Eastern On the day and time of the webinar dial: 1-347-838-9886 .  You can also join the show online: Click here.
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