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SIS Financial Literacy Education Program

SIS Financial Literacy Education Program

On Thursday, Sept. 13, SIS will kicked off the Financial Literacy Education Program (FLEP), sponsored in part by a grant from the AAUW.  This empowerment series  targets young women who want to take control of their personal finances and live a prosperous life buoyed by confidence!

Some of the most savvy financial advisors, bankers, entrepreneurs, credit experts and abundance consciousness speakers in the country will participate in this ten-month program.  Young women today need to be financially literate as they prepare to complete high school, enter college, or start careers. Join our bi-monthly webinar on Thursdays at 8 PM ET. To reinforce the webinar teachings, a quarterly face-to-face Saturday workshop will be held in the Atlanta area.  Tune in to find out how to participate in this free empowerment series. 

YET, before the physical aspect of money can be appreciated and manifested abundantly, we must prepare ourselves on a mental and spiritual level.  Our guest, Charlotte Spicer, will launch the program and provide the foundation so that participants first understand the Energy of Money.  Charlotte is an intuitive who was gifted with knowledge of the Energy of Money.  She conducts workshops, classes and offer lectures on a variety of metaphysical topics with a focus on bringing peace into your life and releasing the past. She will be the key speaker at the SIS 2nd Annual Symposium in Decatur, GA on November 3, 2012.

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