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Editorial – Sit on Your Own Throne

Editorial – Sit on Your Own Throne

Nov 13, 2019

The SIS theme for November is:

Through Divine Authority I experience my highest Self.

In order to realize our self worth, we have to sit on our own throne.  We live in a world that would keep us distracted from sitting in our power, if we do not remain vigilant.  The major distraction is assuming that we are just our bodies or our thoughts (mind). This assumption keeps us busy tending to physical things, making judgements based on limited experience (perspective), and/or continuously seeking spirituality outside of Self.

We have a mind.  We have a body.  Neither is who we are – though they are representatives. We are as Source created us, and remain so eternally. As we put aside that which we are not, we say yes to that which we are.  This is done experientially by each individual. Sometimes this knowing is found in the flash of a revelation.  Usually it occurs over time with dedicated practice.  We take responsibility for driving our body vessel and mind energy to its destination of accomplishing our life mission and living in alignment with Supreme Truth as much as consciously  possible.  In essence, this is our primary job and source of joy.

To begin to rise to the position of sitting on our throne, we can practice being open to the fluid flow of love and compassion that the Universe continuously offers.  It gently sways us to a balanced state of awareness and clarity in the moment.  In exchange we energetically influence others to find homeostasis or balance.

Self mastery over the chatter of the mind and the demands of the body is what crowns us.  It leads to Divine Authority and being seated firmly on our throne. Source is constantly inviting us to take a seat, to be at home.

Be here now!
In Love & Light, Your SIS

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