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Sometimes Being Green is About Talking the Talk…

Sometimes Being Green is About Talking the Talk…

My husband Rich said I’d be proud of him and I have to say ‘proud’ is an understatement.  I have long suspected that he only makes green choices when I’m paying attention so this could mark a turning point for both of us:

He went to a night club with friends Saturday night to celebrate one’s birthday.  After helping to clean up a spilled drink, he went to the men’s room expecting to have to pay $2  (to the attendant)  to wash his hands.  He walked in and there stood the attendant, smiling as he stood guard over a counter fully stocked with liquid soap, lotion, mints… and the requisite tip jar.   No surprise there.

But what made his jaw drop was seeing one faucet running water at full force, as if to signal its readiness for the next patron to walk up and wash his hands…whenever that might be.  That - of all things - unleashed Rich’s inner treehugger.   He was “absolutely aghast” to use his words.  He told the attendant, “Anybody who is green would be upset to see you running water like that; it’s wasteful.”   The attendant told him “thanks for letting me know.  I defintely don’t want to offend anyone” as he turned the water off.   Rich tipped him and that was that.

See?  Being green is not necessarily hard or expensive.  Sometimes it’s just about talking the talk

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