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Spiritual Breast Cancer Awareness

Spiritual Breast Cancer Awareness

We invite you to take a deeper look at the “Causes of Breast Cancer According to Traditional Chinese Medicine”

Each life has its own unique purpose; the ultimate goal is to achieve one’s destiny and enjoy life fully. Everything that happens in your life always has a positive reason and a good purpose – even breast cancer.

Today, we know that the human body routinely produces cancer cells. Just as routinely, the body’s innate intelligence extinguishes these cells without external help. That same intelligence or consciousness also allows cells to express themselves fully for a purpose. Why do some cells become cancerous? Why do some join with fellow cells to form masses or tumors that turn cancerous? Why does cancer run amok in the body causing serious illness and even death? When it comes to eliminating cancer we might be looking at the wrong end of the telescope.

While it’s critical to address the symptoms of breast cancer, we believe it’s equally critical to identify its root cause. The answer is always unique and individual. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), addressing the purpose of cancer can offer far more promise. The ultimate purpose doesn’t lie within the cells themselves, but with the spirit that animates cellular life.

The Body-Mind-Spirit Concept and Undiscovered Purpose

Our aim in sharing this information is to offer a unique perspective that gives meaning and substance to the body-mind-spirit concept.

In our culture, much lip service is paid to the body-mind-spirit connection. (Most modalities start with the body, but rarely reach the spirit.) When this fundamental relationship is disrupted, imbalances on many levels occur and the body suffers. From the spiritual perspective, there is no illness or disease; there’s only undiscovered purpose. Physical conditions of illness and disease are signs that an individual has become disconnected from her special life purpose. In effect, they’re symptoms of this larger condition. Once the individual understands this message and takes the courageous steps to change, miracles can and do happen.

Applying Natural Law to the Human Body

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical system that uses a deep understanding of Natural law and its patterns and applies them to the human body. TCM is not a “New Age” system, nor a patchwork of various healing modalities. It is a complete medical system practiced for more than five thousand years. Its theories of yin and yang and Five-Element theory honor the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of an individual.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: A History of Addressing the Root Cause of Breast Cancer

The earliest Chinese medical reference to breast cancer is attributed to Dr. Yuan Fang Chao in the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD). It says “… a tiny lump that stays in the breast. This mass is not too hard and not too big. Its shape is like a small irregularly-formed stone.”

The famous Dr. Dan Qi Zhu (1281-1358 AD) comments in his work, “Because the wife does not enjoy a good relationship with her husband, nor does she have good relationships with family members and others, then chronic anger, depression, worry and nervousness will accumulate within her daily. This condition, left untreated, will cause a Spleen Qi or ‘digestive system’ disorder and Liver Qi stagnation. Eventually this will cause a small lump with the breast that causes no pain and no itchiness. Many years later, this lump will turn into a different shape (like a craggy rock with many holes), which is called ‘yan’ or cancer. If the lump takes this shape, it is very difficult to fix.

Around 1400 AD, Dr. Chen in his Wai Ke Zhang Zong states, “These [negative] emotions accumulate day by day and cause Spleen and Stomach Qi deficiency and Liver Qi stagnation. These conditions will cause the body to create a lump. When Qi or energy stagnation accumulates in the meridians over time, a small seed can progress to a cancerous mass. Then the five major organs will spiral out of balance. This problem is called breast cancer.

How Does Breast Cancer Begin?
It’s important to note where TCM understands breast cancer begins – not first at the physical level, but at the spiritual and emotional levels where things start becoming unbalanced. These ancient physicians comprehended the invisible reasons for the physical development of breast cancer. They recognized the consequences that result when an individual spirit’s purpose in this reality is disrupted. They saw the problems that developed when the body-mind-spirit connection becomes unbalanced.

At the heart of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the tenet that true healing can be attained by treating the root cause of illnesses and disease. Alleviating symptoms is only a step toward total health. In contemporary terms, TCM is holistic in its approach; it views all aspects of the individual (body, mind, spirit, emotions) as part of a complete whole. It does not see a person as a collection of loosely connected pieces to be treated separately. At its highest level, it treats the person, not the disease.

Understanding the Invisible to Help the Visible: Qi and Meridians
The true foundation of TCM is Qi, often translated as vital energy. Qi is actually the animating force of the Universal and has two aspects. One is force or power; the other is intelligence in its many aspects spiritual, psychic, emotional, mental, and physical. Through proper training, practitioners and sensitive individuals can develop the skill to feel the flow of Qi.

Although Western science does not yet have an adequate framework for measuring Qi, this intelligent force is far more than a theoretical idea. Qi makes up everything; in fact, it is everything. TCM has recognized this for thousands of years. Today, quantum physics tells us everything is made up of energy. TCM goes one step further and says that this energy has consciousness and purpose.

Body with Meridian Network

In the human body, Life’s beautiful vibration flows through twelve major meridians, or invisible energy pathways, that form a living communications network. Qi travels over this network and through the body faster than the speed of light. Your own Qi, or life force, sends messages and power to ensure the body’s internal and external health.

Individual organs and organ systems communicate through Qi. It is Qi that allows your body to maintain its blood pressure, accelerate healing by releasing germ-fighting white blood cells to an injury site, and ensure your cells renew themselves every 100 days, among other things. Keeping these meridians unblocked and free from stagnation is imperative for the continual self-regulating, life-supporting actions of the body actions that we are barely conscious of, yet keep us alive and well!

Often though, the smooth flow of Qi through the meridians becomes blocked. When this happens, Qi can stagnate, leading to minor ailments, such as aches, digestive problems, insomnia, and fatigue. It’s analogous to a traffic jam; if the main highway is blocked, sooner or later side streets will become congested with traffic. In the body, Qi stagnation can cause similar congestion, causing information and energy to slow down as it travels from one point to another. The body functions then become sluggish and minor discomforts start to show. Conventional medicine does not yet recognize the serious consequences of energy stagnation, but traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) does … and has for thousands of years!

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