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Steam My What? … Vtox

Steam My What? … Vtox
There are many tried and true practices of our ancestors that have been abandoned that are now being re-claimed.  Vaginal steaming is one of these practices.  With this return to wholeness comes the return of the divine feminine.  Vaginal steam baths, also called hip baths or yoni steams, facilitate healing for a variety of gynecological issues from menstrual cramps to enhancing fertility to postpartum recovery.  We’ve incorporated into our lifestyle many way to distress the vagina – waxing, douching with chemicals, hormonal birth control, spermicides, toxic tampons and napkins, etc.  It’s time we replenish and restore the womb that brings forth our future.
Our guest, Aje’ Wa-ru, founded The Sweet Spot a sacred space for internal pampering, healing and detoxing. Aje’ is a Inner Spirit Health and Wellness Soul Coach, Certified Holistic Womb Practitioner, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Womenpreneur founder of Blissful Pleasures Company and The Let’s Make Up Mind Body and Soul LyfeStyle series.  To find out more about her work, click here.


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