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Stop Singing Winter Blues

Stop Singing Winter Blues

Winter is showing her force! With wintery temperatures and short day light hours, it’s easy for anyone to start singing the winter blues. Here are five tips to help you beat the seasonal depression that often occurs in winter:

1. Get some sun! By any means necessary. If you can’t get out doors long enough to soak up enough vitamin D, full spectrum light bulbs (available at the hardware store) are a good substitute to help produce the needed level of serotonin to keep your mood lifted.
2. Exercise – even moderate exercise gets those feel good endorphins moving.
3. Use aromatherapy – citrus essential oils are uplifting and refreshing. Try rubbing on some tangerine, orange, lemon, or grapefruit high quality essential oil (diluted per instructions on the bottle) for an instant boost.  Play with the scents to determine which appeals to you most.
4. Enjoy some comedy – laughter is an automatic mood enhancer.
5. Get out if you can, and enjoy good company.  When in full hibernation mode we don’t feel like getting out.  Yet when winter blues kick in getting out is a much needed breath of fresh air!

You’ll change your tune and be singing bye, bye blues.

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