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Get the Tax Break You Deserve

Get the Tax Break You Deserve

Are you looking for ways to lower your taxes, save money when preparing your tax return and avoid tax penalties?  Many of us pay taxes most of our working life, yet are not well informed as to the true extent of our tax liabilities and the connection to building sustainable generational wealth. What if you had someone who did understand the tax laws and could teach you the tax advantages of having a business; someone who could  help you get the tax break you deserve?

Our guest, Jean Rahman, is such a person.  She realized while working for the IRS that a lot of Americans are underpaid, overtaxed and don’t truly understand the tax laws.  Since then she has been on a mission to educate people about tax and wealth strategies, including how to get out of debt, create wealth and lower their taxes.  In 2003, Jean founded the Institute of Financial Freedom & Investment Solutions (TIFFIS) to accomplish this missionJoin us as Jean shares her expertise to help you avoid tax pitfalls,  save money and contribute toward true wealth building. 

How to Participate:

Date:  Thursday March 12, 2015 - 8:00 p.m. Eastern

On the day and time of the webinar dial: 1-347-838-9886

You can also join the show online: Click here.

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