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Teach Children How, not What, to Think with Homeschooling

Teach Children How, not What, to Think with Homeschooling


Many parents lament the state of the academic quality of the majority of public schools, and are doing something about it through Homeschooling. The latest homeschooling statistic show that these students are far out performing public and private school students in all areas.  Added perks are the work ethic and strong character that seems to form, enhanced cultural pride, and stronger family ties. No more a phenomena, over 2 million children from various backgrounds and cultures are currently home schooled in the United States.  Homeschooling is a success because it teaches children how, not what, to think. Join the show to find out more about homeschooling with our guest, Queen Taese of Liberated Minds.  Her organization offers an annual Homeschooling Expo to educate the masses on the richness of education acheived through home schooling.  This year’s event will take place in Decatur, GA from July 18-20, 2014.  Get more information at

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