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Tears of a Tiger

Tears of a Tiger







This month marks the 3rd anniversary of my son Khaliyq’s decision to leave space and time; and I think about the warning signs of the tears of this tiger. So this is what I would like to share, clearer for having had the experience of attending Yuhanna’s fundraising for the wife and children he leaves behind.

A tiger is a young male who is the

pride of a family, the one whom you believe is strong because you never SEE him cry. He is compassionate, loving, a sincere friend and wise advisor. Strength is their legacy, courage their birthright and mask. Yet because of all these attributes of manhood, the world can be heavier or a burden, for they want to carry the weight for their loved ones. You may never see his pain, because he wants you to see only strength. They tend to have great smiles. We think our tigers are indefatigueable, yet they are not. They see a world that does not reflect their values and can get lost. Tigers are a breed of integrity.
We need to teach our tigers that exterior cirumstances that cause pain are truly only that – False Evidence Appearing Real, the fear that causes chaos in this world of our illusion. We can teach and reinforce Divine Law from cradle to grave. Fathers and elders you have to talk more so that young tigers know they are not alone. It’s a rite of passage to face adversity in this world, to transcend limitations and cross that plateau to get to the truth of who we are. We can share knowledge, skills, talent, information. We care through actions and deeds. Brothers, be friends and brother’s keepers. Sisters, check a brother’s pulse, nuture and in fact enhance a brother’s pulse so that we in turn can lean when we need to.
I say tigers because lions roar and repel, alpha male pack leaders fight to inherit their space, and tigers process/channel energy differently through compassion. Young mothers of tigers cubs, sit your sons down to talk with them regularly. Feed them their favorite meal and use that time to communicate and share. Fathers, your tigers need to know that you went through the fire and passed through. It’s inner strength and tuning in to Source that gets you through, not a title or career – all that comes with allowing Source. Your God Self gets you through. Mothers who have been made stronger by tears for their missed tiger now know how to recognize a tiger, and can adopt another to share and care. Now another one of our tigers is missed, let their manner of transition be a guiding message of Love and a call to action. What you choose to do, and how you do it is up to you. Just do something in honor of Love.    A Loving Mom




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  1. Waliyah /

    What is interesting is my totem animal is a tiger. Two, my daughter who left or was murdered was playing with a tiger then suddenly the little tiger exposed himself to her. This was a vision I had prior to her departure. Three, she herself was very tiger-like – very strong. You would never know she wept in silence because she wanted Mom to be happy. In fact she wanted everyone to be happy. That’s why she clowned and offered words of wisdom to everyone. Yes their exteriors are tough but tigers need loving too, even if they are female.

  2. Thanks for sharing Waliyah. Tiger or Tigress the same applies.