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The Benefits of: Cold Stone Massage

The Benefits of: Cold Stone Massage

Okay, we’ve heard of hot stone massage, and what a wonderful experience that is!  Yet in the summer days of sweltering heat, a hot stone massage may not sound very inviting.  So it’s good to know that a cold stone massage is just as awesomely healing as a hot one. 

Sheree Sophas, licensed massage therapist, and owner of Surreal Serenity in NYC, enlightens us to the benefits:

Soothe Sinus Problems

Sinus problems may be soothed with cold stone massage. The stones are placed on top of a cloth placed over the face to protect the skin. The cold temperature of the stones may work to alleviate nasal swelling and reduce sinus congestion.


Ease Menstrual Symptoms

Menstrual pain and bloating may be calmed with a cold stone massage. Cold stones placed in the abdominal area will help draw swelling away from the uterus and thus may help lessen menstrual discomfort.


Boost Circulation

A cold stone massage may help to improve circulation. Cold marble stones placed at strategic locations on the body may work to improve the overall circulation of the body. A cold stone massage may also work to reduce high blood pressure as well.


Treat Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, such as tendinitis, may benefit from treatment with cold stone massage. Cryotherapy (cold therapy) soothes inflammation of muscles and joints by radiating through the pained area and reducing swelling.


Revitalize Energy Levels

Energy levels may be revitalized after a cold stone massage. The cool stones, which hold and radiate temperature well, help contract the muscles, alleviate bloating and boost energy levels throughout the body.


Cool off. Aaahhhha, NOTHING like a cool stone massage to beat the summer heat!  Find out more at surrealserenity(dot)com 


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