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The Face of Suicide

The Face of Suicide

September is National Suicide Awareness month.  If you think death by suicide can’t happen to someone you love, first know there are many paths that take one to being disconnected: just plain hard luck, such as a series of difficult life experiences that don’t allow you to get your balance back in between; loss of a loved one; inherited dis-ease such as depression or mental dis-ease categorized as personality disorders.  It could be one or a combination of any.  Each is a veil over the true life that lies beneath and is our birthright.    No matter what happens, we can heal from it; if we want to.

Yet the first thing we choose to do is look without for solutions.  These solutions never work because they are simply covering up the problems.  Eating, drinking, sleeping, medicating, controlling and ignoring our suffering only get us through moments.  We try harder or shrink from the world.  None of it works.  We’re still left struggling trying to make it or fake it as long as we can … or until we get too tired or weary of the burden of disconnection in its many forms of mental health disorders: depression, bi-polar, obsessive compulsive and  other disorders.

These mental issues are so stigmatized by societal norms that when they show up in our youth, we’ll hope it away.  But hope is not a cure.  Mental health issues are so taboo that society doesn’t even make it proper to discuss.  Yet despair leads a surprising number of male youth to commit or attempt suicide each year.  The face of suicide could show up next on the face of your son, brother, nephew or friend because our young men are fighting a hard battle.

What is missing is a village of support.  What is missing is an environment where discussion of suicide is just as open as cancer conversations have become.  We invite you learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental imbalance that can lead to destructive behavior, maybe even suicide by joining the SIS discussion with Gina Smallwood on BTR September 8, 2011 at 8 PM Eastern.

Depression, which can lead to suicide, is non-movement/stuck energy causing no new thoughts or feelings.  Therefore the same fears are repeated over and over and over, with antenna’s pointed out into the future to scan for more of the same, so that you continue to stay stuck on the same track.  It’s important that the sufferer do something differently.  The journey back to peace begins with one step.  Be informed enough to help someone take that first step.

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