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The impact of negative emotion

The impact of negative emotion

Unless we learn to recognize negative emotion and cleanse our fields of it, we can suffer physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. Fortunately, the opposite is equally true: spending time with positively charged persons and edifying phenomena such as music, art, and literature, can bring transformative effects.

Our spiritual and psychic energy can be misused or wasted in a number of ways. Negative mental and emotional states allow for leakage of energy at a rapid pace (as if we punctured a balloon with a pin, creating a small hole). One of our greatest enemies in this regard is self-importance. We allow ourselves to be weakened by feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of other people. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone.

Appropriate self-regard is certainly an important factor in any healthy conception of oneself, but what we’re referring to is what might be called malodorous self-importance or pomposity. Perennialist savants* teach students to overcome all aspects of what is called the debilitating self, a major element of which is self-importance.  Students are taught the proper procedures to preserve, store, and use spiritual and psychic energy.  Initiates are taught to take strategic inventories of what they do–especially their non-essential behavioral patterns–to determine what can and should be forfeited to save and store energy. Stored energy is used to transform oneself.  It’s first necessary to identify with our Higher Self and develop a moment-to-moment awareness of what’s happening in our personal energy fields and the energy networks affecting us. We learn to notice how we feel around certain people and in certain situations, for example whether we feel energized or enervated. Power struggles are about “stealing” each other’s energy. If you feel “drained” after having been with a specific person, you’re probably “losing energy” to the person. We develop the ability to observe our emotions and thoughts as they occur. If we come in contact with a person or idea–face to face or while watching movies or television–that regularly “pushes our buttons,” we must learn to control our energy field so unconscious reactions don’t wreak havoc in our emotional life.

Excerpted  from – Spiritual Energy

*Perennialist savants are learned teachers of universal truths

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