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The Natural Way to a Pest Free Environ

The Natural Way to a Pest Free Environ

Be relieved to know that you don’t have to expose yourself or your pets to chemicals in order to be free of pesky insects.  Nature has the answer!  We recently did an article on organic pest control; and here are a few more top picks:

Sage:  Works well to repel mosquitoes, bees and Asian beetles.  You can either burn dried leaves, or mix up a spray repellent using about two dozen drops of sage essential oil to an average size spray bottle.  Sage essential oil can also be used on the body, by mixing it with an oil base such as almond or coconut oil. 

Catnip:  is proven to work better than DEET in repelling mosquitoes.  Grow it in the garden for comfort sitting in the yard, or you can use the oil full strength on the skin. 

Hydrogen Peroxide – Don’t let pesky flies ruin your outdoor fun.  To deter flies, fill your spray bottle one third to three quarters of the way with the peroxide and fill the rest of the bottle with water, then spray the entire area with this solution.    Note:  peroxide also cleans and disinfects, so you have a double bonus. 

Basil:  serves as a fly deterrent also,since flies don’t like the smell.  Potted or dried (placed in muslin bags) will do the trick.

Vinegar:  it’s amazing what vinegar can do.  Wiping down your countertops and floors with a solution made up of half water and half vinegar will keep ants away.   It does this by eliminating the ant’s scent trail and confusing them; so this is a repeat process.   Follow the ant trail to hit the source.  Vinegar also works to trap fruit flies.  To create a a fruit fly trap, place a glass about three-quarters of the way full with vinegar,  add about seven drops of dishwasing liquid and fill to the top with warm water.

 Citrus Oil – spiders avoid citrus.  In commercial products, you will find the citrus oil derivative limonene, which also deters fleas, fire ants,  and silverfish.  Create a spray mixture of water and fresh  or lime juice spiders will naturally be deterred.  Around the garden,  lemon or lime peels are effective in keeping spiders away.

Now that you have the major summer pests covered, get outside and enjoy the weather!

By Darlene Nazaire, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Photo: dreamstime free stock images

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