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Transform Your Relationship!

Transform Your Relationship!

Ladies, we’re continuing our discussion on relationships!  The last show was jammed full of information from our brothers.  Nothing like hearing it directly from a brother’s mouth … and don’t forget to believe what you hear.  The truth is that if you were aware of the dynamics between you and your partner you would be cognizant of the opportunity for growth the relationship brings into your life.  You would know why your life paths have intertwined.  You could also know why they make you so angry or lean so hard on your buttons.  It’s all about growth!  

We all struggle with relationships because they reflect back to us all of our strengths and our flaws.  Yet in that reflection, you can find your true self; you can find happiness, and you can find true love.  The Love Cards system is a means of divining what an individual’s significance is to you at this stage of your physical journey. 

Our guest, Dr. Chianosa Ifade, is a naturopathic healer who specializes in relationships.  She understands the divide between men and women of today and uses the Love Cards as a means of healing the divide.  Her goal is to help men and women understand how to heal their relationships and to find a path to Love.  Isn’t that where we want to be?

Chime in! 

To find out more about Dr. Chi, visit her website.

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