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Editorial – The Unique Gift Each Season of Life Brings

Editorial – The Unique Gift Each Season of Life Brings

Oct 13, 2017

The SIS theme for this month is: “In gratitude I reflect on the unique gifts each season of life brings.
Gratitude can be a unique gift each season of life no matter what we are going through.  In fact, gratitude acknowledges that it’s both the highs and lows that foster our expansion.  In gratitude we honor the seasons as they come,  to fully experience and appreciate what they have to offer us: new beginnings, growth and abundance, shedding, or introspection/hibernation and endings.
This month allow yourself to acknowledge all that is.  All has meaning and purpose. “Good” and “Bad” are the same thing at different vibration levels on the spectrum.  Then know that you can always be okay.
All experiences in life journey are needful.  Instead of running away from life, we can breathe into it.
Be here now!
In Love & Light, Your SIS

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