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Unsubscribe from limiting beliefs

Unsubscribe from limiting beliefs

We can decline to continue to receive further communications that don’t serve our greater good by vibing higher.  And it’s more effective when we do it together:  Join us!

Who: You
What: Unsubscribe from beliefs, stories, people, place and things
When: Starting September 13, 2015 with the new moon (new reflection, new you!)
Where: Your inner sanctum and on SIS Empowerment Radio

How: Vibe higher – we’re shifting to a higher frequency together. We’ll each start with one thing that we have resistance to that is blocking a goal we’d like to achieve. For two weeks we’ll go hard at identifying, discussing, shifting our perception and transmuting that energy of resistance to a higher vibration.

In honor of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s transition and contributions to changing limited thoughts, we will also read (or re-read) Dr. Dyer’s famed “The Erroneous Zones” and have an ongoing FB group discussion.

Your mission (should you accept): Identify the steps you will take over the two week period to get you over the hurdle of resistance and on the path to completion or freedom. DO AT LEAST TWO KEY STEPS DAILY. This discipline becomes a holy ritual.

Joint mission: Healing juice for clarity once a day (recipe to follow), meditation at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (You determine the length.) Light a 1 week white candle each week (light the 2nd before the 1st goes out)
Our mantra: I am that I am, holy life that I am. I now transmute the energy of _______ into the higher vibratory tone of _______.
Our goal: with no judgment, observe and shift with the gentleness of self love

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