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What Cosmetics Companies Don’t Want Your to Know

What Cosmetics Companies Don’t Want Your to Know

Lori-ann WoodardThe skin is our largest organ. It’s taking in the environment’s moisture, dryness, airborne chemical pollution and everything we put on it – including cosmetics. It then stands to reason that if we cannot pronounce the ingredients on the labels of products we use, then we shouldn’t be putting it on our skin. Yet often (call it vanity or ignorance), we don’t think that far. The cosmetics industry definitely doesn’t want us to think about the chemicals that we are ingesting, because many of them are making us sick.

When our guest, Lori-Ann Woodard, had a recurring illness, the doctors couldn’t find the root of the issue. She had to find answers herself. Lori-Ann discovered that removal of chemical toxins in the mind, in the body, and in the home was key to remission of the illness she battled for years. Her quest for a healthy skin care alternatives lead her to create Uma Enterprises, LLC. Her vision and product lines include: Uma “Love You” Health Awareness (inside and out self-care), Uma Glow Cosmetics (organic alternative to traditional body care products), and Uma Sound (music from her soul).

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When: January 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM Eastern

Where: SIS Empowerment Radio

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