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What Does Your Face Say to the World – Do You Really Know Yourself?


Do you know yourself? Really know yourself? According to our special guest, Veola Momon, “When an individual has taken the time to study who they are and actualize who they are, the individual is empowered with truth, confidence, love,” and much more that Veola will explain in detail during the show. Veola, will also share what our face and other physical features tell the world about us. You don’t want to miss this!

Veola Momon has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. The experience and knowledge acquired during that time prepared Veola to be a consultant to individuals and groups to help them uncover their latent potential; find solutions to their daily challenges; and create revenue. Veola is a motivational speaker, an author of three books and personologist with a doctorate degree in the study of the traits of the face and physical body. Veola is also very active with community service.
 Join this insightful discussion.

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