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What Pharmaceuticals Don’t Want You to Know

What Pharmaceuticals Don’t Want You to Know

It’s a pharmaceutical company’s goal to make a profit from the sale of drugs – not necessarily to further the general wellbeing of the public. This is made clear to us when inexpensive and highly effective treatments are not made known to the general population. Instead, practitioners often choose to prescribe expensive, often toxic, yet extremely profitable products that ironically bear the name “medicine”. Yet there are those honest practitioners who work to spread the word on remarkable, often natural and very inexpensive remedies, that can improve the lives of many. Our guest, Julia Schopick, writes about some of these honest practitioners – and tells us about four such lifesaving treatments in her bestselling book, HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases.

Julia has transformed a personal tragedy into a healing opportunity for millions of people. Once you hear her story, you will want to join her in her mission to help people have access to safe, effective and inexpensive treatments such as the ones she writes about hin her book.


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