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What’s Your Emotional Kryptonite?

What’s Your Emotional Kryptonite?

What’s your emotional kryptonite? This is the person, place or secret (insert your own personal noun) that every time it shows up it causes you to struggle or simply pushes your buttons beyond reason. The feelings and emotions that come up can be anything along the spectrum from doubt, to anxiety, to anger or despair. This kryptonite is intangible. It’s caused by natural feelings and emotions that go beyond their role as alert responses to become dangerous. So what’s your emotional kryptonite? The first step is to figure it out. The next step is healing.

Join SIS founder and Mental Health Advocate, Darlene Nazaire, as we discuss your state of mind and how it impacts your life experience …. just in time to close out May – Mental Health Month.

Join the discussion and learn about triggers, how to deal with them, and how to eventually make the kryptonite harmless.

What’s your emotional kryptonite?  Blog about it here?


To get more information listen to the discussion on What’s Your Emotional Kryptonite?, SIS Empowerment Radio .

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