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What’s Going on with Crypto Currency?

What’s Going on with Crypto Currency?
tavoniaAs Bitcoin makes its way to the masses, many people are wondering if they are missing out… or if it’s just another ponzy scheme.  To add to the confusion there are over 1,300 crypto coins out there.  It’s pretty much an unregulated field; so there is a need for caution and education.  Most people get into crypto with the hope of making quick and easy money, rather than the vision or the change that the block chain technology platform that crypto currency resides on will bring.  It’s not either or, and of course the two will go hand in hand to lead to economic freedom. Financially sidelined segments of the population now can have access to increased wealth.
It’s important to get informed. You enter this market at your own risk.  Our guest, Tavonia Evans, presents crypto currency basics from both a professional and intuitive perspective.  She has created her own coin called “guap”, to represent wealth building in the Black community.  Join the show to learn more.  Find out more about Tavonia and Guap coin here.


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