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Yoga Journal – Resolve, Release, Renew

Yoga Journal – Resolve, Release, Renew

One of the first questions we ask ourselves, when our health is poor is, “Why?”. What, in my life could be causing my health to weaken? In the last issue, I mentioned paying attention to signs or as I put it, M & M’s. Not feeling well or dealing with disease is our body telling us that there is something else going on; that our body’s needs are not being met or that we are blocking energy from flowing effortlessly through the body. 

A regular yoga practice brings peace back to our body and will maintain peace as long as we commit to a lifelong practice. I know this from the inside out and not just hearing it over and over again, but living the experience. When my children (I have triplets) were all three years old, I was dealing with chronic full- body pain, migraine headaches, and periodic weakness in my arms and legs. There were days when I would pick my children up at daycare and on the way home I would have to pull to the side of the road because my eyesight would be affected by shooting pains in my head. It was a very scary experience, alone on the highway with my triplets who were hungry and tired. We all just wanted to be home. 

At the time, I did what I was taught to do throughout my life. I went to my doctor, (who had no diagnosis for me) and took the pills he gave me to minimize the symptoms. I took many different pills. Eventually, he then sent me to this, that and the other specialist. In the end, the advice that I received from traditional healthcare professionals gave me few answers and only a bunch of pills that I caused such severe side effects that they prevented me from caring for my children. I reminded myself that if I didn’t want to settle for those results, I didn’t have to. I began to be open to any signs that may point me in the right direction. About the same time, I heard there was a yoga teacher training in the area and figured it was worth a try. I had taken yoga before my pregnancy, which helped me carry triplets to 36 weeks, so there was some hope.

Of course, my favorite part of class, at that time, was relaxation. It was the only time I had when there was quiet and I didn’t have to run-about. I particularly found the guided meditations helpful. I became aware of each section of my body and how it felt. It was amazing to think that I am with my body every day, but I lost touch. Awareness built up and stress decreased. Before this rejuvenation of yoga in my life, range of motion in my shoulders was limited. Being gentle, patient and aware of my body, I slowly began to have significantly less pain. With less pain, I was able to allow my body to reach further into the poses and regain the range of motion I had lost. I am grateful that I followed my intuition about how to find relief in non-traditional heath practices. I did get a diagnosis from the traditional doctors, but it didn’t matter all that much. I had learned to listen from within, to what my body needed in order to heal. I saw many doctors but only one person had the answers, for me and that was me.

I continue to have painful days, every once in a blue moon. As those days show up, I can now send energy to the specific areas to relieve the symptom. It is important to pay attention to the triggers and what is going on in my life during the times I have pain. I ask the question, “Why?” Many answers or possibilities may come and I have learned to be open to whatever the source of my pain may be. Through the process of Resolve, Release and Renew with yoga, I can move beyond the symptoms and enjoy the energy and laughter with my three beautiful children.

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