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You’re with Him, But Are You In the Same Relationship?

You’re with Him, But Are You In the Same Relationship?


Robert T. Gardner, Jr. Randall Frazier Antonio Gilliam

Valentines Day falls this week so as we celebrate love, relationships and matters of the heart lets take a good look at relationships from a man’s point of view. Have you every been in a relationship that you thought was this way, and he thought it was another? We’ll explore the causes and how to be on the same relationship page.

Join SIS for an all male panel discussion about relationships and what men really think about women. Learn what influences his perception of you. True, you may be with him, but are you in the same relationship? Are you the kinky one-nighter, the best bud or marriage material? Do you really want to know what he thinks? You may be surprised at the revelations our guest panelists will share during the exchange, including the tips on how to better your relationships

Our guest panelists will be: Robert T. Gardner Jr.,author, relationship and inspirational speaker, who considers himself to be an agent for change regarding unhealthy relationships.  Robert is author of the book “The Choices We Make,” in which he calls for relationship skills to be taught in schools. Robert believes that early education would provide our youth with insight for healthy relationships to reduce intimate partner violence. Also on our panel will be Randall Frazier, an entrepreneur and unofficial relationship expert who is sought after for his relationship advise and insight; and Antonio Gilliam, a speaker and author of love and relationship ebooks and a written work about the Divine Masculine.

Get your thoughts, questions, and comments together for this engaging discussion.  Feel free to share your questions and comments here before the show.  Blog responses are shared during the show.

How to Participate:
Date:  Thursday February 16, 2012 –  8:00 PM Eastern
On the day and time of the show dial: 1-347-838-9886

You can also join the radio show online: Click  here
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  1. i’m a single mom, raised by a single mom, and have a daughter whose father is not in her life. i know that it’s important to have a male role model not only for men but for young girls as well. what can i do to make sure she doesn’t follow into my footsteps and maintain a healthy relationship.

  2. Mel Rose /

    Love this topic. I can’t wait to listen to the panel.

    Much love,
    Mel Rose

    • Hi Mellow, glad you could join in. The offer still stand for you to join the team!

  3. Hello,
    I enjoyed the discussion last night. Thank you for the information. Skyy asked a question about what are the things, I guess attributes that influences a man’s perception of a woman. One speaker said that she is who she say she is all the time. What are some of the other attribures? Thanks.


  4. Kay,

    At this point, it would be a good idea to help your daughter raise her self esteem. Teach her to love herself and share with her any details regarding her father.Speak about him in a truthful, but positive way, so you can work on her self awareness. Good emotional health will go a long way for your daughter in her future relationship endeavors. You cannot change the past, so focus on the future with her. You might want to check out my book, The Choices We Make.” There is a “Relationship Lab” in the back of the book that can help you with that. See: I these suggestions help!

  5. I am glad that you enjoyed the show. I hope we shared some information that will enlighten you on the complicated topic of relationships. If you have the time, you can learn so much more in my book, “The Choices We Make.” Go to the “Relationship Lab” and take some steps to transform the way you think about your relationship choices. Please see:

  6. This is Robert Gardner and in response to your question, I would like to add that. Other things that influences a man’s perception of a woman is how well she feels about herself. If a woman shows herself to be weak or have low self esteem, men tend to take advantage of women who do not stand up for yourself. It is one thing to let the man lead, but it is another thing to give away your power. Women have the power and you should act like you know and be wise about the things you will do for another man. The more youi give, the more he may take. Use good common sense in your relationship endeavors and do not take your relationship choices for granted. Please see the “Relationship Lab” in my book, “The Choices We Make.” You can benefit tremendously from that. Thank you.